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Acting in Faith

I have looked at missions in two ways. The one where you sell everything and move to a foreign country to teach people the word of God. Then there is the other style of being a missionary which is being on point with your OIKOS. Now many of my church friends know exactly what that is. The 8-15 people that God places in your sphere of influence. You do life with these people. These are two really great ways to share God with people. One you don’t generally know the people with whom you are sharing and the other you do know them all. Sometimes pretty well. I have been struggling with my comfortableness in the way I was missioning to others. I have had the joy of being a part of Christian high schoolers from our church for over a year now...

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Real Perfect

There is this idea that other people have the perfect family, perfect husband, perfect kids, they have it all. They never say or do things that are unchristian like, they are always put together, blah, blah, blah…BLAH, BLAH! (insert smile here) I know we can all think of one or two ladies that seem to “have it all.” Right? Moms seem to be the harshest critics, and it’s not on others, but themselves. We compare, compare, compare! It is no wonder with everything we have from facebook to blogging. We have found a way to get a small glimpse into others’ lives. We seem to think that from a picture or quote they are better than we are...

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First Field Trip

We got to celebrate our very first field trip together as a homeschooling family together. It was very neat being able to go with all three of my children and my husband verses the traditional school field trip.

It was only one child’s trip and I could go only sometimes depending on how fast I signed up, and dad’s? Well it just didn’t happen. We also had my niece…that is the cute little blondie with us! 

We went to Boulder Creek Ranch, and I am not sure how long it has been there, but it was a cute little place. Tucked away in our desert, hidden in the hills of Hesperia.

We went on a tractor ride to see the farm. 100 acres for horses, pigs, chicken, goats, and much more. There is even a place for events. It made you feel as if you were out of the desert...

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So what is faith? Loyalty or allegiance to a cause or person.

     For so long I have felt that my faith is strong. I believe in God. I believe in Jesus. I believe that I am saved by the sacrifice that Jesus made for me. I believe that I strive each and everyday to grow closer to God in a loving relationship. I have been challenged however this week by “Do you BELIEVE God?”

   I had to really meditate on this idea. My first reaction was yes of course, but the more I thought about it the more I doubted my first response.  God has been stretching me in my faith, especially lately. I have been intentionally praying for the Lord to guide me where he wants me to be, show me what He wants me to do for His kingdom. No matter what, wherever, whenever…I will follow.

    Well that was put ...

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New pantry

This is an organizational project I took on a few weeks ago but really wanted to share. I like many of you have become fascinated with Pinterest!! I found this amazing pantry that a woman did and couldn’t wait to redesign mine. It got to the point where I kept tossing things just where ever because I knew I was going to redo it. I hope I am not the only one out there like that. Well that went on for weeks, until I just couldn’t take it anymore.









This was the before mess of a pantry (sorry for the blurry picture)





All cleaned out


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Carmel Apples

 Today we heading over to my friend Lyndsey’s home for a great fall tradition….carmel apples! The kids had a great time and enjoyed playing with her girls, while we chatted about school, kids, moving and how it all weaved together for God. We are enjoying the same bible study at church so we had plenty to share. We hurried home to get the apples in the fridge. It is fall but here in California it is hot so they were melting fast. Can’t wait to taste our yummy apples tonight for dessert! Thanks Lyndsey.








The finished product

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Jackson Lake


Last week I took the kids Jackson Lake to take some pictures and here’s how they came out!






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Last week I was spending some time with the Lord in my bible study, Experiencing God. If you have yet to do this study by Henry Blackaby then you must head on over to amazon as soon as you are finished reading and order it! It is that life changing. Anyways while finishing my daily study I was asking God to help me with some “issues” that have had a stronghold on me and now that I have recognized them, I would like them to go away! God placed something on my heart so clear,” Tara how can I help you get through this, if you can’t even hear what I am saying.” So I was whisk away to pre-computer days…well I am only 29 and I don’t quite remember those days, but I agreed...

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My very first post

Hi everyone. Well okay, maybe hi to the two of you reading this lol! I am so excited to finally get this up and going. I just love how I have been able to follow a small part of my friends lives through their blogs. I have to admit I hated writing in college mainly because I didn’t feel I was any good at it, however I love to share my life and almost everything in it. With that said I can not promise I will not affend (hopefully challenge) anyone, but ultimately my desire is to just simply inspire people with my faith in Jesus. I strive to place Him in the center of all things and I truly hope my blog shows that. Please enjoy.

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Homeschool room

Three weeks ago I read an article called “Leader of the Pack: Relieving the Strain on Overworked Kids.” I started reading it and then quickly laid it down because I knew the Holy Spirit was beginning a new work in me and I have to admit I didn’t want it. All of my friends can attest to the  fact that I was always the one saying “I am so grateful God has not called me to home school.” Well those words started to stir a lot inside the moment I starting reading this article. If you are interested, it is the October issue of the Family Circle magazine. (WARNING: YOU MAY BE CHANGED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT) Well after some prayer and great advice from some loving friends, we took the plunge. There is nothing like listening to those inner feelings that you know can only be God!

The first week was r...

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