Daily Archives October 8, 2011

My very first post

Hi everyone. Well okay, maybe hi to the two of you reading this lol! I am so excited to finally get this up and going. I just love how I have been able to follow a small part of my friends lives through their blogs. I have to admit I hated writing in college mainly because I didn’t feel I was any good at it, however I love to share my life and almost everything in it. With that said I can not promise I will not affend (hopefully challenge) anyone, but ultimately my desire is to just simply inspire people with my faith in Jesus. I strive to place Him in the center of all things and I truly hope my blog shows that. Please enjoy.

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Homeschool room

Three weeks ago I read an article called “Leader of the Pack: Relieving the Strain on Overworked Kids.” I started reading it and then quickly laid it down because I knew the Holy Spirit was beginning a new work in me and I have to admit I didn’t want it. All of my friends can attest to the  fact that I was always the one saying “I am so grateful God has not called me to home school.” Well those words started to stir a lot inside the moment I starting reading this article. If you are interested, it is the October issue of the Family Circle magazine. (WARNING: YOU MAY BE CHANGED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT) Well after some prayer and great advice from some loving friends, we took the plunge. There is nothing like listening to those inner feelings that you know can only be God!

The first week was r...

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