Daily Archives November 1, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 1

    I am so excited for November. A wonderful month to kind of slow down and really take in what you have to be thankful for. Since starting my blog I have seen some pretty amazing blogs and met some really amazing people. One thing I wanted to try was a 30 day devotion. You pick anything from decorating, party, to organizing ideas. Each day the readers receive a new post. I was wanting to do one but thought it wasn’t going to start until much later, however it is November and I thought what a great way to share 30 days of Thanks!

          I absolutely have start out with single most important thing in my life and that is JESUS! Some of you know my story but for some you may not...

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Happy Halloween

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This was a wonderful Halloween for us. We decided to take the kids to Wrightwood and spend some time with our friends up there. We LOVED it. Noah and I desire to live in the beautiful mountains that are filled with a closeness that you just don’t get in Victorville. Having a small cabin to call home would be a blessing but for now we feel contentment with where God is calling us to live. However we make an effort to participate in different activities up there so that we may enjoy a little piece of Wrightwood bliss.

Charlie wanted to be a detective this year and I could not find a trench coat or really anything to make her costume except a pipe, that I was not too excited about. So I found this idea on where else? Pinterest...

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