Daily Archives November 14, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 14

Today I am grateful for books. I love reading great fiction novels however I have not been able to pick one up in many years. I always have a wonderful self help book that is waiting on my shelf to be read. I wanted to share some of my favorites.


The guide to life!




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Giving Thanks~ Day 13

So here we are half way through the month of November already. I am realizing that the older I get, the faster life seems to go!

I am grateful today for God’s work. I feel as though God chose me do some pretty amazing things for His kingdom. Now do I think they are amazing? Yes, but I am I. NO! To be honest I feel a little selfish, like I get to do something fun. It is easy for me to spend time with 15 high school girls every Wednesday night and talk about the Bible. It is easy to go to Saturday night church service with them and get caught up with other girls that I don’t see earlier in the week. I love to speak especially when it is in front of a lot of people. Sharing what the Lord has placed upon my heart to speak into the lives of others is a thrill actually...

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Grateful for Homeschooling

I am so excited to share my thankfulness for today. It is homeschooling. I came into this adventure kicking and screaming, literally. I remember the day so well, driving home with Noah and telling ranting at him about how I felt the Holy Spirit leading me into this and how I wasn’t good enough and  how my life would forever change! He just smiled and said “I think that is a great idea!”  WHAAAAT! Was my only response. Shouldn’t he be telling me things like no you need to keep them in school, or at least say something like…”That’s crazy!”

Nope! Not my Noah. The most calm, cool, collected person I know. Always on the positive, always listening to God and obeying!

Well here we are two months into our homeschooling venture and I am so grateful...

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