Daily Archives November 25, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 25

I look forward to the Thanksgiving every year. One because I love to spend time with my family and two because Thanksgiving means Black Friday is the next day. Nowadays it is the same day. Stores this year began opening at 9pm! There are the shoppers that have been camped out at Best Buy for three days just to get a fabulous 42′ Flat screen for $199 or there are the ones that just get a thrill out of going! I have been shopping the Black Friday sales for 12 years now. I simply enjoy getting a great deal on a fabulous gift for someone I love! I’ll admit, I get excited when I can stay out past midnight and feel like a rebel. That doesn’t happen as a momma!

This year was no exception. I went with my  friend Courtney.

 We had a fabulous time with each other...

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