Daily Archives November 27, 2011

Giving Thanks~ Day 27

We are coming in for the home stretch of our 30 days of Giving Thanks! This month has certainly flown by, but  trying to soak in every moment. As you get older your moments go by faster.

Today I am grateful for coupons. Now yes I got really excited about the show Extreme Couponing and thought, “I better give that a try.” However I am a little bit of a veteran to the whole coupon shopping. When Noah and I had Little T we lived in an apartment right across the street from a Ralphs. Now you don’t or I should say, shouldn’t shop there unless you use coupons because of how expensive it is. This was almost 11 years ago and back then they not only doubled coupons, but took expired coupons and maybe even competitor coupons...

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