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Giving Thanks~ Day 21

Marriage is a wonderful thing, if you allow it to be. I have been married to Noah for almost nine years and it has been a joy. Don’t misunderstand…it has been work in many ways, however the choice of being joyful in my marriage has been a priority for me. Both Noah an I come from broken families, and it has affected us in different ways. Through our experiences as well as our faith, we have hung on to the word of God in hopes that He is right. Years ago it was a harder struggle for us in making our marriage work. It is because we have God wrapped so tightly around us now that keeps us focused each day on why we have decided to keep this relationship going, and actually enjoy it while we do.

The world tells us to trade in our spouses when it gets tough...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 20

 I love when we get to do something new and exciting. It doesn’t happen much but when it does, it brings great memories for our family. Tonight we got to enjoy something really neat for our soccer loving family. We took the older two to the MLS CUP in Los Angeles. For those of you who are thinking what is an MLS cup, well it is the super bowl of soccer. Every team from the US competes during a season and the last two standing battle it out to be the winner! This year the finals were held in LA and the two finalist were the Houston Dynamo  and the LA Galaxy! Oh yeah! So neat to see our home team play in their own stadium and take the title of 2011 Soccer Champions!

The score was one to zero! It was such an amazing game to experience with my family! We also had the enjoyment of 10 other...

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Giving Thanks~Day 19

I Love getting to spend some time with my family! Not only do Noah and I love to be there watching our daughter play soccer each Saturday, but our family makes a huge effort to come and support her. My mom and Noah’s dad and stepmom were all out there today in the freezing cold to watch our baby play her last game of the season.

We were truly blessed as coaches this year for having a tremendous amount of amazing parents. We weren’t the only ones with supportive extended family. Almost every girl each week had at least one uncle, grandparent, or sibling there to watch them play! It just made our season that much better.

I am so proud of the girls on this team for playing their hearts out. We made it till the very end and placed second!

I could not have asked for a better soccer season...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 18

Today I am grateful for the women that have come into my life that have been a true blessing to me. I have been so fortunate to spend some quality time with two women that inspire me and keep me accountable to the Lord. They have lifted my spirits and I hope that I was able to do the same. Wisdom is such an amazing gift that you can give to someone and that is exactly what I received from them. To top it off we spent time together at Starbucks, one of my favorite places. I am truly blessed!

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Giving Thanks~ Day 17

Today I have been blessed far beyond what I deserve!

I have four women in my life that I would like to say Thank you to!

The first is my mother in law Terry! She takes time each every Monday to come and sit with my children while Noah and I head on over to our small group. She also comes here Thursdays to watch the kids so that I may continue my women’s bible study. She comes to watch them, play with them, teach them, makes meals and sometimes even cleans up my home! I appreciate the time that she dedicates to being apart of her grand children’s lives!

The second being my friend Jen. She is one of the most kind hearted, Jesus loving women I know. She happens to be  the teacher of my two youngest chitlings...

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Giving Thanks~Day 16

This year I decided to coach my daughter’s soccer team. Now let me give you some background to this. I never grew up playing soccer. Never. I had children and desired for them to be involved in some kind of activity. First tried dance because that is what I used to do, then gymnastics, then girl scouts, and then off to soccer we went. She fell in love at 6 years old. Now at 11 she plays for a u12 team and loves it. She is actually really good and I am not just saying that either 😉 While playing we have made some amazing life long friends and have actually all taken up playing, Noah and I included.

I was asked by a friend to join a women’s soccer team and hesitantly agreed. Again I have never played...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 15

Halfway through the month of November already?! I can’t believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Today I am thankful for the mini Thanksgiving feast that the kids and I got to enjoy with new friends. I joined a homeschooling group through my church and attended my very first event with them today.

I got to spend some time with the host before the event started, only because I thought it started two hours earlier than it really did! I loved getting her knowledge on homeschooling. I felt blessed to have learned different ways and ideas of how it can work.

The kids got to learn about the first Thanksgiving and make some neat little crafts! We enjoyed turkey, mashed potatoes, ham and my favorite, cake pops for dessert! What a wonderful way to fellowship and learn more about...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 14

Today I am grateful for books. I love reading great fiction novels however I have not been able to pick one up in many years. I always have a wonderful self help book that is waiting on my shelf to be read. I wanted to share some of my favorites.


The guide to life!




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Giving Thanks~ Day 13

So here we are half way through the month of November already. I am realizing that the older I get, the faster life seems to go!

I am grateful today for God’s work. I feel as though God chose me do some pretty amazing things for His kingdom. Now do I think they are amazing? Yes, but I am I. NO! To be honest I feel a little selfish, like I get to do something fun. It is easy for me to spend time with 15 high school girls every Wednesday night and talk about the Bible. It is easy to go to Saturday night church service with them and get caught up with other girls that I don’t see earlier in the week. I love to speak especially when it is in front of a lot of people. Sharing what the Lord has placed upon my heart to speak into the lives of others is a thrill actually...

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Grateful for Homeschooling

I am so excited to share my thankfulness for today. It is homeschooling. I came into this adventure kicking and screaming, literally. I remember the day so well, driving home with Noah and telling ranting at him about how I felt the Holy Spirit leading me into this and how I wasn’t good enough and  how my life would forever change! He just smiled and said “I think that is a great idea!”  WHAAAAT! Was my only response. Shouldn’t he be telling me things like no you need to keep them in school, or at least say something like…”That’s crazy!”

Nope! Not my Noah. The most calm, cool, collected person I know. Always on the positive, always listening to God and obeying!

Well here we are two months into our homeschooling venture and I am so grateful...

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