Daily Archives December 3, 2011

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

I came across a post on facebook a few days ago and it talked about an advent experience for your children. I read a little bit on it and was ready to buy it before I even finished reading the post. Truth in the Tinsel.

Each Year I desire to do more and more with my children to teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I actually get very overwhelmed with the bucket lists and everyday events that take place leading up to Christmas day. I just try to make sure we

A. Read the story of when Jesus was born.

B. See as many friends and family that we can.

C. Go see Christmas lights.

D. Bake and bake some more

E. and really just try and have a stress free holiday.

Well this year I wanted to try something that would help me share the good news of Jesus...

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