Daily Archives December 10, 2011

Family Pictures

I feel like it has been too long since being able to log in and write. My computer has been down for a few days and now it is fixed and I am antsy to get back to sharing!

Yesterday Noah and I took the kids to get family pictures done. Now for most of you who read my blog know that where we live is not ideal for outside pictures. Let’s face it, the desert is not so pretty. So when picking a location, I was in turmoil and stressing about it. I know stressing over a location for pictures is quite silly. But that is how I am. Stressing over the small and also stressing over the big! I have the most amazing friend Jeray who just so happens to be a professional photographer. You can see her website here . http://www.jeraylynn.com/ She is so wonderful to not only take our pictures but to be p...

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