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Today’s feature

Today I wanted to share with you one of the most darling nurseries that I have ever seen. My friend Elizabeth is a super talented and brand new momma to Baby Fern, whom I just adore. I visited her home a few months back and then saw her post pictures the other day online so I asked if I could share with you guys. She has a talented mother in law who is a very creative crafter who helped make Fern’s room complete. I hope you enjoy!






Those book shelves are spice racks from Ikea. How clever is that. The best part…they are less that $5 each.



The thing I love about the room is that most everything is made. It brings such a sense of love to the space.




Great Job Elizabeth!

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Week end weigh in 3

Okay guys so I hit my one month mark last Thursday and have been going strong since! I was even tempted with my favorite Girl Scout Cookie…Carmel Delights, and I passed on enjoying one of those delicious 70 calorie cookies! I will hopefully be able to post a picture next week and get a little more detailed about my weight loss. I just keep thinking about the Biggest Loser contestants in those horrific sports bras on national No Thank you! But I do want to be a little more honest just so my end results of this journey are more dramatic! I chose to throw myself out there and to have you all keep me accountable and that is what I am trying to do.

So this week I am down another 3 pounds at a total of 16.6 pounds. I will have to put my weight on here, but I might start next week...

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A little organization

I admit that on the surface my home looks organized. Mainly because I despise clutter! Hate it, don’t want it around. Mainly if I can’t see it, I’m good. However when I go into a certain cupboard or closet I might just cringe at what I see. So I am on a mission to organize each and every inch of my home this year. Things that are seen and unseen!

Yesterday as I was trying to find medicine I opened my cupboard to see this…

So I really attempted the organizing thing with this cupboard but as you can see, failed miserably.

So I found these awful, beat up, bread pans that I obviously couldn’t use anymore. What was great about them though was that they are metal and the are the perfect size. Plus I had four of them.

Then I used my amazing cricket and made some matching tags to p...

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Entryway Progress

I just LOVE Pinterest! With being a little obsessed, I have found so much inspiration for redoing my home. I love the idea of making things new. I always say I want to move, but in reality I think I just like change! Crazy because most people I think dread it. I remember as an early teenager I would rearrange my bedroom at least once a month. It felt like a brand new room. For some reason I have not done that in my home (hence the desired moving) So now I am on a mission to keep things fresh and new and at the lowest cost. I didn’t have money back when I was rearranging as a child so I am sure I can pull it off as an adult with money!

 I have had the same wall decorations since we moved in two and a half years ago. I definitely was bored and a change was much needed...

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Week end weigh in 2

Week End Weigh In!! So it has been another week of my journey for a healthy life! It has not been easy , but I am continuing this with determination and prayers! Lots and lots of prayers. My aunt was just sending me some pictures of us from over 10 years ago! I can’t believe the change that has occurred! Well my desire is to be closer to where I used to be. Except with healthier food choices. This was when you ate whatever and gained nothing!

Funny I thought I would always look like this 🙂

I have stayed on the 1500 intake and added some exercising like I was shooting for. I began training for a 5K that I have been wanting to accomplish for about 2 years now. I am using the couch to 5K app on my iPhone...

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All Stars

This past weekend Little T had her All Star games out in Palmdale. Noah was the assistant coach and we were ready for a great turn out. I am always super nervous those first few moments of the game when you just don’t know how it will go. The first moments really set the tone of the entire game for me. You see how the other team is playing and how well our girls match up.

As the game started my nervousness quickly turned into joy. For many years we have always been somewhat the underdogs. We come from a very small town so small in fact that our soccer league consists of 4 cities in one. So when it comes to picking the All Stars we just have a smaller league to pick from especially compared to some of the other cities that we are up against...

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Yesterday was our first day back from our loooong Christmas Break. Amazing something like 25 days off! Over the break I was trying to come up with a way to stay at our current school CAVA but yet changing some things up to better fit our family. The kids get a list of work to do each day and we have been following their work that way. The problem that I was facing is that I was not able to be prepared for what they were doing each day because of all the different subjects. So a friend recommended block scheduling like some schools actually do. It sounded exciting and the change that I was looking for. So I began by mapping out the amount of assignments they have until the end of the year...

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My weight loss journey 1

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I posted about my 2012 goals? Well I wanted to stay current with one of those goals. What better accountability for my weight loss journey than all of you reading this. So if there comes a day when you haven’t read up on my healthy choices than feel free to ask about it. Because I know if I am not posting its because I have let food over take me once again! Wow I feel like maybe I should delete, delete, delete! But I can’t! I really want nothing more than to become a healthy role model for my children. That in itself gives me strength to go on each day. Having you as my accountability partners definitely ups the anti!!

So yesterday was my 21 first day of eating healthy and staying at my 1500 calories a day mark...

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Giving Grace

Reading something today triggered an aha moment for me. I was caught off guard by a statement that made me truly look at myself and my walk with the Lord. I felt a little judged by the comment and yet lately I have felt the need to share with others about my opinion about their choices and forgetting that they too are on their own journey’s with the Lord. Okay so I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all, as believers, on this journey of honoring and loving God. We want to do our best in what life he has given us. Some are called at different times to do different things. You can get this overwhelming feeling that whatever it is that God has called for you is what God has called everyone to do but yet, “why are you the only one doing it...

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kids bathroom redo

Sometimes I will get this idea to change some things around or start a new project and that usually happens because someone is coming to stay and I want to impress. That usually gives me a small time frame to get the projects done before our guests arrive! Last week I started two things. The kids bathroom and Zackery’s room/toybox. Sadly I can only show the redo of the bathroom because the pictures of Zackery’s room have his name in them. So until I learn how to white it out, I will have to wait to show you. 

For two and a half years the kids shower has had a hole in it. Embarrassing that we waiting so long to get it fixed. To be honest, Noah and I just never see it so it was forgotten about. That was until our guests were going to be using that bathroom when they stayed...

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