Daily Archives January 10, 2012

kids bathroom redo

Sometimes I will get this idea to change some things around or start a new project and that usually happens because someone is coming to stay and I want to impress. That usually gives me a small time frame to get the projects done before our guests arrive! Last week I started two things. The kids bathroom and Zackery’s room/toybox. Sadly I can only show the redo of the bathroom because the pictures of Zackery’s room have his name in them. So until I learn how to white it out, I will have to wait to show you. 

For two and a half years the kids shower has had a hole in it. Embarrassing that we waiting so long to get it fixed. To be honest, Noah and I just never see it so it was forgotten about. That was until our guests were going to be using that bathroom when they stayed...

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