Daily Archives January 23, 2012

Week end weigh in 2

Week End Weigh In!! So it has been another week of my journey for a healthy life! It has not been easy , but I am continuing this with determination and prayers! Lots and lots of prayers. My aunt was just sending me some pictures of us from over 10 years ago! I can’t believe the change that has occurred! Well my desire is to be closer to where I used to be. Except with healthier food choices. This was when you ate whatever and gained nothing!

Funny I thought I would always look like this 🙂

I have stayed on the 1500 intake and added some exercising like I was shooting for. I began training for a 5K that I have been wanting to accomplish for about 2 years now. I am using the couch to 5K app on my iPhone...

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All Stars

This past weekend Little T had her All Star games out in Palmdale. Noah was the assistant coach and we were ready for a great turn out. I am always super nervous those first few moments of the game when you just don’t know how it will go. The first moments really set the tone of the entire game for me. You see how the other team is playing and how well our girls match up.

As the game started my nervousness quickly turned into joy. For many years we have always been somewhat the underdogs. We come from a very small town so small in fact that our soccer league consists of 4 cities in one. So when it comes to picking the All Stars we just have a smaller league to pick from especially compared to some of the other cities that we are up against...

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