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New Year Goals

For many years I quietly make News Years resolutions to myself and maybe my other half but for the most part, I’m not a huge fan! Mainly because I hate saying things and then two three months later I can’t even remember what I even said! Yep that’s me. It happens much more now that I am aging!!

Anyhow. This year I thought I would not only share with you what resolutions I have but also call them goals! I like that word much better!

I have been Thinking about what to write for a few days obviously because it is six days after the actual new year. I wanted to make sure that my goals were not just thrown out there from a quick thought.

I always want to change almost everything but again I want to really strive to accomplish the goals and put my heart into each one.


• First is my relationsh...

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Keeping the main thing, the main thing

This past week I have been doing projects around our home like crazy. I have been thinking about starting a new blog dedicated to all things diy. Now before you get excited like me share a few things. I began this blog for a few reasons.

~ To document our lives because I have not scrap booked for about three years and my children’s memories are getting lost in the mounds of pictures that I have taken.

~ To connect with a world like me. A stay at home mom who homeschools and loves to be inspired

~ Most importantly to be honest and transparent by sharing what God is doing in our lives!

I want to elaborate on that last one today. I have found myself drooling over some amazing blogs out there that have one set thing to share…decorating, homeschooling, all about God and so on...

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Rose Parade

We were so blessed today by some amazing people. A few months back, Noah was asked to help a family in need and they in return asked our family to attend the annual Rose Parade. Ah! I am still shocked that we got to go. For many years I have longed to sit on the curb of downtown Pasadena while the parade passed by. I have always heard that it is so hard to go because you have to camp out for days and well with kids that was just not happening for this family. So when this opportunity came about, you can say I was just a little over the top with excitement!

We headed down early in the morning and found our way to a spot that had been saved by an amazing family since the middle of October! It was a beautiful 86 degrees and we had a blast!

Warning…lots of photos to follow!


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