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Zackery’s new room

A few weeks ago we did a little rearranging in Zackery’s room so I wanted to share what it looks like.

So first I wanted to make over his toy box. My sister in law made this at Home Depot and had it painted with different shades of her hand print. Now as sweet as that is, I was usually finding the box being shifted from one closet to the next because the colors didn’t match anywhere, and therefore not really utilized. So I started out with red, and it looked TERRIBLE! So then I primed it and and painted it white.

I had some wooden letters that I was able to paint and bring in the color red. 

Then Noah added some hinges on the inside so the lid won’t slam down. Mainly for the little fingers that visit our home once in awhile...

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A simple project that’s inexpensive too

My daughter has an abundance of headbands and it seems that we lose one each week. They have been getting stepped on and broken mainly because she hasn’t been putting them away, but also because she really didn’t have space in the bathroom drawer anymore. I needed to come up with an idea to help her keep the organized. So I grabbed an empty oatmeal container.



I grabbed some decorative scrapbook paper and glue to cover the container, and got this.




It even makes a place to put hair brushes.



The outcome. Super simple, but huge space saver.




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Laundry Room Redo!

I was beyond ecstatic when my father in law offered me some free wood floors in the color that I love!!! The only catch was that he only had a few boxes. Well I immediate thought about my laundry room. I have been itching to redo something but due to budgets I didn’t have much to work with and knew that I needed to do a small room. I had started out by picking out some inspirational rooms that I pinned a few weeks ago, on you know it…Pinterest! Striped walls kept jumping out at me like a jack in the box, but in a good way…not the scary way like those freaky clowns! Anyways I had my mind set on the stripes and I wanted them horizontal, not vertical. My husband try to talk me out of it, but I stuck to my guns.

Noah was great in helping me...

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Love is in the air

Each year I anticipate decorating for the extra holidays. Valentine’s, Easter, Fourth of July…you know those “extra holidays.” Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and yet I don’t have by my standards enough decorations to decorate, so why try. I just think “I’ll do it the next year.” Does that only happen to me?! Well this year was no different EXCEPT I now have Pinterest.

I found some really cute things on there that inspired me to be a little more creative than going out and spending money on overpiced Valentine’s Day decorations. So that’s exactly what I did. I found things around my home to repurpose. I was actually surprised by myself…haha!

I put fake flowers in vases that I already had and added water.

This is too much Valentine’s decor, but I wanted to show of...

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Today’s feature

Today I wanted to share with you one of the most darling nurseries that I have ever seen. My friend Elizabeth is a super talented and brand new momma to Baby Fern, whom I just adore. I visited her home a few months back and then saw her post pictures the other day online so I asked if I could share with you guys. She has a talented mother in law who is a very creative crafter who helped make Fern’s room complete. I hope you enjoy!






Those book shelves are spice racks from Ikea. How clever is that. The best part…they are less that $5 each.



The thing I love about the room is that most everything is made. It brings such a sense of love to the space.




Great Job Elizabeth!

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A little organization

I admit that on the surface my home looks organized. Mainly because I despise clutter! Hate it, don’t want it around. Mainly if I can’t see it, I’m good. However when I go into a certain cupboard or closet I might just cringe at what I see. So I am on a mission to organize each and every inch of my home this year. Things that are seen and unseen!

Yesterday as I was trying to find medicine I opened my cupboard to see this…

So I really attempted the organizing thing with this cupboard but as you can see, failed miserably.

So I found these awful, beat up, bread pans that I obviously couldn’t use anymore. What was great about them though was that they are metal and the are the perfect size. Plus I had four of them.

Then I used my amazing cricket and made some matching tags to p...

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Entryway Progress

I just LOVE Pinterest! With being a little obsessed, I have found so much inspiration for redoing my home. I love the idea of making things new. I always say I want to move, but in reality I think I just like change! Crazy because most people I think dread it. I remember as an early teenager I would rearrange my bedroom at least once a month. It felt like a brand new room. For some reason I have not done that in my home (hence the desired moving) So now I am on a mission to keep things fresh and new and at the lowest cost. I didn’t have money back when I was rearranging as a child so I am sure I can pull it off as an adult with money!

 I have had the same wall decorations since we moved in two and a half years ago. I definitely was bored and a change was much needed...

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kids bathroom redo

Sometimes I will get this idea to change some things around or start a new project and that usually happens because someone is coming to stay and I want to impress. That usually gives me a small time frame to get the projects done before our guests arrive! Last week I started two things. The kids bathroom and Zackery’s room/toybox. Sadly I can only show the redo of the bathroom because the pictures of Zackery’s room have his name in them. So until I learn how to white it out, I will have to wait to show you. 

For two and a half years the kids shower has had a hole in it. Embarrassing that we waiting so long to get it fixed. To be honest, Noah and I just never see it so it was forgotten about. That was until our guests were going to be using that bathroom when they stayed...

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Keeping the main thing, the main thing

This past week I have been doing projects around our home like crazy. I have been thinking about starting a new blog dedicated to all things diy. Now before you get excited like me share a few things. I began this blog for a few reasons.

~ To document our lives because I have not scrap booked for about three years and my children’s memories are getting lost in the mounds of pictures that I have taken.

~ To connect with a world like me. A stay at home mom who homeschools and loves to be inspired

~ Most importantly to be honest and transparent by sharing what God is doing in our lives!

I want to elaborate on that last one today. I have found myself drooling over some amazing blogs out there that have one set thing to share…decorating, homeschooling, all about God and so on...

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Bucket list

YAY! Officially done with school. We did not start homeschooling until almost the end of September so we have been playing a little bit of catch up since then through the school we are attending. Little T has three more assignments that she is going to finish up and then three weeks off!

I have been so inspired by Pinterest and by some amazing blogs! With these next few weeks off of school, I wanted to complete some home redos and fixes. I want to be able to teach my girls some basics of painting and decorating as I do these projects. I love that my children learn about American History and decimals, but these things are very important to me for them to learn as well.

I wanted to share some things that I want to redo and share the inspiration that has spiraling through my mind!


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