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Christmas Cheer

I can’t believe we have less than one week until Christmas, My chitlings are still in school until this Thursday so it kind of feels like Christmas should be at least a couple weeks away. I have all my shopping done except one small gift I need to buy…should be easy. Should, being the key word. Roads alone are full of cars so we will see!


I wanted to share some Christmas decorations that I used this season. Hopefully it will bring you inspiration to be crafty. I am not super crafty but I do LOVE Pinterest and it has given me this brand new excitement for all things crafted!





How cute are these?! My little Charlie girl made these for some lucky family members.

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

I came across a post on facebook a few days ago and it talked about an advent experience for your children. I read a little bit on it and was ready to buy it before I even finished reading the post. Truth in the Tinsel.

Each Year I desire to do more and more with my children to teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I actually get very overwhelmed with the bucket lists and everyday events that take place leading up to Christmas day. I just try to make sure we

A. Read the story of when Jesus was born.

B. See as many friends and family that we can.

C. Go see Christmas lights.

D. Bake and bake some more

E. and really just try and have a stress free holiday.

Well this year I wanted to try something that would help me share the good news of Jesus...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 29

Today was such a good day…much better than yesterday. School went better and we even had time for Art all together! Now I LOVE crafts, am I crafty? Not really. I can pretty much replicate something pretty good, but coming up with ideas all on my own? Again No!

This is a simple project to do with your kids. It is a salt dough recipe that you can make different things from. I used this dough when I was a kid so when I found a recipe for it, it made me excited to share this craft with my chitlings!

Salt Dough

2 Cups flour

1 Cup salt

1 Cup cold water

1 Tablespoon oil

Mix together. The dough should be the consistency of thick play-doh. If the dough is sticking to your hands you need to add more flour. Use your favorite cookie cutter or create something on your own...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 12

Who loves gifts?  OHHH! I DO, I DO!!! I not only love to get gifts but I love to give them. There is nothing like finding that perfect gift for someone that you love and watching their eyes as they open it! I am giddy just thinking about it now! With Christmas right around the corner, I am sure you have already started your Christmas shopping and are looking for those perfect gifts now. I wanted to share with you some ideas for this Holiday season as you will be traveling to homes of loved ones and I am sure you don’t want to show up empty handed. 

This is an idea to make that is very inexpensive and easy to put together. I made this for my friend that I went to visit last night. I bought the mug at the dollar tree...

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Giving Thaks~ Day 9

Today I am thankful for chores. I have always taught my children that helping around “our” home was just about being apart of this family. However I like many of you have found myself asking and asking and asking some more for something to be done. I have tried numerous things to keep our children helping and while it worked for a small amount of time, it never truly succeeded. I have had many friends order the accountable kids program and to be honest I am a little envious that I just could not spend the money on them. So I had to search and find something that would work for our family with a little less spending. This program is a similar idea to the accountable kids program. It allows me to customize their chores according to their capabilities and they can be changed daily.

So here is...

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Giving Thanks~ Day 4

I am definitely not a home designer. I know what I like but many times I have difficulty putting a room together. That is why I love blogs and pinterest so much. It gives me ideas that I can replicate. I have never looked at as stealing, just borrowing the idea! I am grateful to those that share their home and ideas with the rest of us that are not so talented in that area. With that said, the next thing that I am grateful for is my home.

I do my absolute best to make my house a comfortable home. I want my family and friends to feel warm and cozy when they are here. I love to entertain and have people over weekly so it brings me joy to redesign a space and make something new...

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New pantry

This is an organizational project I took on a few weeks ago but really wanted to share. I like many of you have become fascinated with Pinterest!! I found this amazing pantry that a woman did and couldn’t wait to redesign mine. It got to the point where I kept tossing things just where ever because I knew I was going to redo it. I hope I am not the only one out there like that. Well that went on for weeks, until I just couldn’t take it anymore.









This was the before mess of a pantry (sorry for the blurry picture)





All cleaned out


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