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I’m back


So after a much needed social media break, I am back! Oh it feels so good to be writing , sharing, and communicating with my friends again. God has been working in my heart so much over this last year, and even though I wasn’t completely gone from social media, I was far enough away to be able to hear Him a little more clearly.

What do you think of my new website? Isn’t it fancy? My awesome brother in law designed and revamped it. It is so much more user friendly. There are still some things we are working on, but I can’t thank him enough for providing a professional blog for me…..{{HUGS}} Ryan!

So I am going to try and catch you up with a few things that have been going on in the Caracciolo household since last summer.

~We finished our second year of homeschooling...

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New Adventure

A few weeks ago I was asked to write on a fabulous blog called Coffee with Christ. It consists of 7 ladies, all in different walks of life. Each lady has a day that they get to share what God has placed on their hearts. I am so excited yet nervous to begin something like this. As you know I have a passion for teenage girls and even though these are women writing, the majority of the readers are 18-25. This opportunity gives me the chance to share more about purity and courting through God’s eyes. I will be sharing on here what I write over there each week, however feel free to come by and check out the much more talented group of writers though. It’s at!

Here was my first post

“Hi Ladies,

   I am so excited to be joining this amazing cast of ladi...

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Crazy Days

Do you ever have one of those days where nothing seems right. You are stressed, snapping a little too much at your loved ones. Feeling depressed, feeling sorry for yourself. Crying uncontrollably the second someone will listen to you. Locking yourself in a room just to have yet another moment of pity….No? Not you? Well that was me yesterday. I am smiling while I write this only because I feel a million times better. I am not quite sure why I was having all of those issues yesterday, but man was it a bad day.

Being a stay at home mom while homeschooling and holding down the fort while making three meals everyday, can well sometimes suck the joy out of life. Yes, yes I just said that. To be honest…very honest...

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Giving Grace

Reading something today triggered an aha moment for me. I was caught off guard by a statement that made me truly look at myself and my walk with the Lord. I felt a little judged by the comment and yet lately I have felt the need to share with others about my opinion about their choices and forgetting that they too are on their own journey’s with the Lord. Okay so I guess what I am trying to say is that we are all, as believers, on this journey of honoring and loving God. We want to do our best in what life he has given us. Some are called at different times to do different things. You can get this overwhelming feeling that whatever it is that God has called for you is what God has called everyone to do but yet, “why are you the only one doing it...

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New Year Goals

For many years I quietly make News Years resolutions to myself and maybe my other half but for the most part, I’m not a huge fan! Mainly because I hate saying things and then two three months later I can’t even remember what I even said! Yep that’s me. It happens much more now that I am aging!!

Anyhow. This year I thought I would not only share with you what resolutions I have but also call them goals! I like that word much better!

I have been Thinking about what to write for a few days obviously because it is six days after the actual new year. I wanted to make sure that my goals were not just thrown out there from a quick thought.

I always want to change almost everything but again I want to really strive to accomplish the goals and put my heart into each one.


• First is my relationsh...

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Keeping the main thing, the main thing

This past week I have been doing projects around our home like crazy. I have been thinking about starting a new blog dedicated to all things diy. Now before you get excited like me share a few things. I began this blog for a few reasons.

~ To document our lives because I have not scrap booked for about three years and my children’s memories are getting lost in the mounds of pictures that I have taken.

~ To connect with a world like me. A stay at home mom who homeschools and loves to be inspired

~ Most importantly to be honest and transparent by sharing what God is doing in our lives!

I want to elaborate on that last one today. I have found myself drooling over some amazing blogs out there that have one set thing to share…decorating, homeschooling, all about God and so on...

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A year in review

I can’t believe another year has flown by. My chitlins are getting older by the second which means I too am getting that much older! AH!! Where’s the wrinkle cream?! This year has been quite the roller coaster. Things that have changed our lives possibly forever have taken place. Many being good. So I wanted to take a moment to share with you what our 2011 looked like!


We started the year off as normal…soccer. Little T’s team season team made it to playoffs then advanced to Bakersfield. Big deal for our small community!

February~                                                                                                                                                    ...

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The Help

So I just finished watching The Help! Yes literally just finished and felt an extreme urge to get on here to write. And yes it is 12:30 in the morning! First let me say. I love movies that hit me to the core and this was one of them. I felt as though I was living in this movie and trying to picture how I would react! The movie had so much to do with racism, however the amazing message that I recovered from it was in the last scene where Aibileen says “god tells us to love our enemies” isn’t that so powerful?! Here’s a woman that is treated terribly because of the color of her skin, and yet continues to respect and show love towards those people. I don’t know about you but for me, it’s easy to love the ones who love me. It is so much harder to love those who don’t...

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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

I came across a post on facebook a few days ago and it talked about an advent experience for your children. I read a little bit on it and was ready to buy it before I even finished reading the post. Truth in the Tinsel.

Each Year I desire to do more and more with my children to teach them the true reason we celebrate Christmas. I actually get very overwhelmed with the bucket lists and everyday events that take place leading up to Christmas day. I just try to make sure we

A. Read the story of when Jesus was born.

B. See as many friends and family that we can.

C. Go see Christmas lights.

D. Bake and bake some more

E. and really just try and have a stress free holiday.

Well this year I wanted to try something that would help me share the good news of Jesus...

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Giving Thanks~day 30

This has been an incredible journey of searching and acknowledging the things that I am grateful for. Now of course there are many more things that I did not mention during my 30 days of Thanksgiving, but I do thank God for them.

My last day I wanted to share something that is very dear to me. Last year I felt a tug from the Lord to start mentoring teenage girls. At first I thought it was the younger ones that are still new at the whole independent thing, but God had a different plan. He wanted me to be with the ones that were at the age of when I had my rebellion. I had some pretty tough years in high school and made some pretty poor decisions to say the least, so why God was calling me there, I was not exactly sure.

I dove in with faith knowing that He had a purpose even if I didn’t ...

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