End of summer 2013

The end of summer is always a bitter sweet one. I love being able to stay up late and not worry about what time we wake up in the mornings. Lots of lazy days with some fun scheduled activities mixed in there. There is something very exciting about starting a new year of school though.  This summer has been exceptionally busy with lots of trips that were not only planned but executed. I can’t tell you how many summers I plan, plan, plan and then life happens and things don’t work out.

We enjoyed Hume Lake for a week, Phoenix with some of our favorite people, and a weekend at the beach. We also got to witness our oldest Taylor, get baptized.  Lots of day trips as well, but these were our planned and followed through trips.  I have to admit, this summer has been our best so far.






Later this week we get to pick up our school curriculum…more on that later. Then Monday is our first day back. I am very excited to start fresh and begin a new school year with the kids.

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  • Noah Caracciolo  says:

    Sounds like a super fun summer:)

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