Love is in the air

Each year I anticipate decorating for the extra holidays. Valentine’s, Easter, Fourth of July…you know those “extra holidays.” Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and yet I don’t have by my standards enough decorations to decorate, so why try. I just think “I’ll do it the next year.” Does that only happen to me?! Well this year was no different EXCEPT I now have Pinterest.



I found some really cute things on there that inspired me to be a little more creative than going out and spending money on overpiced Valentine’s Day decorations. So that’s exactly what I did. I found things around my home to repurpose. I was actually surprised by myself…haha!



I put fake flowers in vases that I already had and added water.



This is too much Valentine’s decor, but I wanted to show off the beautiful flowers Noah brought to me the other day just because. I also changed the mirror out for this picture frame that I love and had to have…thanks momma!






This is where my mirror went. I just added some Mason favorite things…and then added some of our favorite candies. The tree got some heart garland and I made a cute little sign with my cricut.


Simple things that can give your home some holiday love.

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