New addition/s coming soon

As I mentioned before, our family is adopting. Thrilled does not even express the excitement that we have as a family to be welcoming new children into our home. Zack constantly asks when his new brother will be arriving. Makes my heart melt! This journey for us actually started a long time ago when we had just had Zackery. I never felt that “done” feeling that some other mommies have. After some discussion we decided to call it quits for having bio children, however left the conversation open to adoption. When I mean open, I mean Noah mentioned it and I had a not so welcoming face to the idea. So therefore the conversation was left open and quiet.

Last December I sat around a large dinner table with some of the dearest friends. As I looked around at two of those families who had recently added children to their families by way of adoption, I began a conversation with another friend and her husband. He discussed that their church was partnering with some orphanages to try and get children adopted to American families. As I do often, I jumped in with a response…”We can take one!” After those words, my heart was fully commited, no matter where we adopted from.

After much prayer and many, many, many talks with Noah, we decided to take the steps neccassary to adopt here locally from the foster system. As I began calling the county for class information, every door just continued to shut. That is when God led us right to Olive Crest. They are a local adoption agency hired through our county to find homes for the children in the foster care system. I knew after speaking with the worker that we were on the right track. She met with us that week to go over everything that we were about to embark on.

We have had some bumps in the road for sure, but knowing that sometimes God will place those bumps in front of you so that you will be guided the right way, gives us peace. This weekend we should  have all of our requirements finished so that we can have our final Home Study and be placed on the waiting list of available families. EEEK!

As for specifics, we really are trying not to put any out there. Not sure how many children will join our family.  We want to be open for anything God knows we can handle. We would love to have an addition of a son, but honestly grateful for whatever God decides.

I am open to questions, because I know my list of questions for adopting families has grown daily. I will keep everyone posted with the progress.


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  • Cecelia  says:

    What a wonderful thing! It takes a big heart to open up to adopt! You both have such big hearts and it makes me so proud of you! <3. Keep us updated!
    -Aunt Cecelia

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