School Time

We started school a couple of weeks ago and it has taken me that long to get back into the swing of things. No more 9am wake up times, or free spirited days of doing whatever we wanted to do for that day. Nope its back to a schedule. Which I am seeming to make sound bad, which in reality I actually love. I like to know what comes next. That seems to fit me best. With that said, the beginning of school this year was a bit overwhelming. Our materials did not come in when I anticipated, so I had to pull out last years things. I had planned on having everything placed in our fancy agendas (thank you Erica, confessions of a homeschooler…you should go check it, I believe they are still free to download) Well needless to say that did not  happen. I wanted to share each and everything with you, but instead as the year goes on I will share actually work out of what I think is the coolest curriculum.

Today I wanted to share with you an art program that we are trying for the first time. It is called Meet the Masters. I received it from Rainbow Resource. It takes the kids through different levels A-G teaching them about Artists from Van Gogh to Rousseau. They learn a little bit about their lives, their work and styles of painting. Then they get to try it themselves. I am in love with it! It even has different age groups in each section to hone in on your child’s needs. All three of my kids are doing Meet the Masters. The girls do theirs together and I work with Zack. You print your pages and then they follow a lesson  online. One drawback would have to be how pages you have to print, but other than that, it is great! Here is some of their work so far.






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