Yesterday was our first day back from our loooong Christmas Break. Amazing something like 25 days off! Over the break I was trying to come up with a way to stay at our current school CAVA but yet changing some things up to better fit our family. The kids get a list of work to do each day and we have been following their work that way. The problem that I was facing is that I was not able to be prepared for what they were doing each day because of all the different subjects. So a friend recommended block scheduling like some schools actually do. It sounded exciting and the change that I was looking for. So I began by mapping out the amount of assignments they have until the end of the year. Yep I said “the end of the year!” Lots of work let me tell you, but I knew that this was what needed to happen so that I could fulfill my role as teacher. I needed time to plan out what we can do per subject. Get a little creative with things but yet accomplish what the school and myself are wanting my children to learn.




So I needed something that would simply allow me to put their lesson plans down for them to see. Surprisingly I was having a hard time finding something that would work. Most planners are around $12 each and that’s about $35 for planners?! No thanks. Then companies would sell them for $2 each but you had to buy a minimum of 100. Mainly for public schools I suppose. I then went to the dollar store that was recommended by my mil, thanks Jen 😉 Yes they had exactly what I looking for and at a whopping $3, that was definitely in my budget!


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