Week end weigh in 4

Sorry I am just getting this out today. I really want to make sure I send the weeks installment of Week End Weigh In each Monday so I can stay consistent, but yesterday was a very special day for us. If you didn’t get a chance to read…scroll down and check out what we celebrated!


As for the last week it has been a little sad to me. I only lost 1 pound. A little dissappointing for sure but it hasn’t stopped me from feeling great! A total of 17.4 pounds down. This last week I ran three times and worked out with my favorite friend, Jillian Michaels! I made asked Noah to do it with me. I don’t think he enjoys it as much as I do…hehe! But he was a great husband trying to support me. I also went running with him yesterday for the first time since getting back into running. I really enjoyed it. There were only a couple times he ran funny to stay with me. You know his legs are twice my length and I don’t know what it is with guys! It’s like they say “Oh I am going to try and lose some weight”…and BAM!….down 30 pounds! and “I’m gonna start excersing”….and BAM! They can run a marathon!


I have to admit though I totally cheated Sunday. You know it was super bowl and I kind of prepared by taking some nice juicy oranges with me so I would snack on those. Haha When my tummy saw those Reeses Pieces, they didn’t even know what an orange was! I came home to find out that I roughly ate over by 700 calories that day. Sad but the next morning I weighed myself and gained nothing so I was definitley encouraged that one day of messing up in a month is not so bad!


So I am trying to prolong this, but last week I promised I would be posting pictures and telling my weight! AHHHH! I am feeling a little queezy!! Okay here it goes. As of yesterday I weighed in at 189.6 {cough, cough} You do the math to figure out where I started because I have said too much already!


So here is a picture from Sunday, because this will be the picture that will be shown for this post. As brave as I am for showing you, I am not wanting to see myself in a tight fitting outfit on facebook…if you know what I mean?!



Okay so I am throwing it all out on the table…okay the interent. I don’t even have makeup on! Now that’s love!





I can’t wait to be able to have this journey documented and see a picture of me looking like this in a couple of months



Well a girl can dream…can’t she?!

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